College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

The College Credit Plus program permits students in grades seven thru twelve the opportunity to earn college credit provided they are appropriately qualified.  Students interested in this program shall fulfill ODE and Board approved deadlines in order to participate. 

CCP Qualification Guidelines 

Updated 3/15/2022

Requirements to Qualify for CCP Program Overall

Step 1: Must Attend the Yearly CCP meeting,  by  February 28

Step 2: All CCP paperwork must be turned in by April 1st

Step 3: Must complete the online application for Admissions for the college by the assigned date

                  Option 1.

Students have  a High School unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0.

               Option 2.

Students earn the required test scores on the Accuplacer or ACT.

Remediation Free Scores

Math 263 Accuplacer or 22 ACT

Writing 5 WritingPlacer or 18 ACT 

Reading 250 Accuplacer or 21 ACT

Option 3.

Students have a 2.75-2.99 High School unweighted cumulative GPA and an A /or B in a High School English course and an A /or B in a High School Math course.

 (Letter grades are based on Semester grades. Only need one semester to qualify)

Specific Course Eligibility 

Composition-Students must earn the remediation free test scores to take this class.

(Accuplacer: Writing and Reading, ACT English)

Math-Students must earn the remediation free test score for math